Dear readers,

this post is to inform you about two important news:

1.) In preparation of the new plattform ahead we have relaunched our website and present to you our new logo

2.) This new website now also will contain our regular blog at where you can follow us on a more regular basis than this now “old” one which we will keep online for a while, but discontinue the editing.

Thanks for reading us here, welcome at!

BTW: now also twitters here @kinkon


Wow – yesterday was an exciting day. As we told you in our recent post we were heading to visit CeBIT 2009 as we got an invitation to the award ceremony on – an award offered from the german ministry on economic affairs.

And believe it or not we won! Even two times! We are proud to announce that we are one of three main winners, and also received the special price on multimedia in broadband applications of the VATM (an consortium of telecom providers in germany). But we also want to congratulate the other two main price winners: and, as well as the 13 winners of additional prices which are first of all our friends from karlsruhe – congrats guys! – connectingbridge,,,,,, SENTA and Talential, Treckpacker, Viardi Interactive, Yomiko, and last but not least YOLK (coolest hairstyle of all 😉

Pictures will follow, as we post this from a small spot where WLAN is useable today – please stay tuned – we will update this post asap!

Thanks to all people who supported us in the past months. Without many helping hands this would never have happened!

Update: Pressrelease availiable on

Our revised website of kinkon is ready to launch tonight (although still german) and our backpacks a fully packed. This afternoon we will travel to Hannover to attend CeBIT 2009 for two day. Tomorrow we are invited to the Award ceremony to “Mit Multimedia erfolgreich gründen” – initiated by the german ministry for economic affairs. We entered and are curious if we are about to win something, or to post an embarassing news tomorrow that we at least attended 😉

Our EO Accelerator friends gloveler from Karlsruhe will be there as well – so maybe we can at least praise them or just have fun together on CeBIT parties!

We keep you updated in this blog …

How do we paint kids purple?

February 13, 2009

I just finished watching Loic´s Interview of Seth Godin on Youtube on his views why a company needs a tribe and how this can be achieved. Seth is the guy who also wrote “The purple cow” – a book i read and really love!.

As we already have a lot of ideas for our marketing campaing, my head now spins around the fact on how we can get our tribe?! What is that core message we need to get out to make people follow?

There are companies that jump on the “viral bandwagon” and produce a mumbo – jumbo video – but nothing happens. The quality of the video isn´t bad – but no tribe in sight. This is what causes me to have a good respect for this tasks.

Finally this is one of my omnifocus Projects now “Paint the cow – get the tribe” – and i am open for your suggestions on how to achive it!

Our core mission is to generate a secure environment for children to use the web.

We adress the kids wish not to be overlooked like a big brother. We integrate the parents, teachers and other parts of the society in that proess. Kids are our future, and families are tribes by nature. I guess there are a lot of building blocks already out there for us!

We are very proud to announce that – already eight weeks ago – on November 17th 2008 our project was awarded with the Pioniergeist 2008 Award. Almost unable to believe it we even made it to the top and got the first price!

We want to take this chance to thank all of our families, our team, our business angels and upcoming investors. They gave us all their support and without them we would have gone nowhere 😉 THANK YOU!

You can see a picture gallery and a german posting of this here on the website of the ISB Bank. Our regional center for economic interaction was so kind to mention us as well here.

The two other winners were very impressive. Third place was taken by a very charming couple who founded the “Brauhaus Goldener Engel” brewery out of nothing, and second place went to a cleaning company (haber Textile Dienste) who automized the way to get rid of your dirty work wear and receive a clean set from a robotic machine they invented. 

It is an honor to receive such a price and share the event with these great and inspiring guys!

Switch – Exciting week

February 11, 2009

Ab diesem Blogeintrag werden wir hier in “the english Language” bloggen.

Danke für Euer Verständnis!

The above is the german version of the announcement that The kinkon blog will furtheron be written in english. So welcome all International friends as well.

This week has been very exciting.

Und es ward Merchandising …

December 12, 2008

… sprach das Marketing.

Und es begab sich zu einer Website anno Spreadshirt, und er sah, dass es gut war.

Damit ist es nun vollbracht, wir haben einen Spreadshirt Shop, und alsbald werden hier immer mehr nützliche Dinge mit unserem Logo zu erwerben sein.

Wobei wir im Moment noch keine Garantien auf die Dauerhaftigkeit des Logos geben, aber vielleicht gerade deshalb – von wegen Seltenheitswert – wären die Dinger dann schon interessant.

Übrigens ist heute schon wieder Freitag, und es macht sich eine Sache ganz aussergewöhnlich bemerkbar:

Mindset! Man hat es definitiv selber in der Hand wie man die Realität erlebt. Und diese Woche haben wir uns wirklich gut eingestellt, sodass wir am Ende der Woche trotz guter und schlechter News noch immer gut gelaunt mit unseren Familien in den dritten Advent gehen können.